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Birthdate:Apr 24
Location:Friendswood, Texas, United States of America
Version: 3.12 EXTENDED--> ISCA Code: I++ Y++ P++ N X-- L+ F+++ D-
GIT/S/M d s: a- C++ UL++++$ P+++ L+++$ E W++ N o? K? w !O M V- PS++ PE
Y+ PGP+>+++ t+ 5 X(+) R>+ tv+> b+>+++ DI++ D G++ e++ h--- r+++ y?

(Don't know how accurate that is, anymore.)

I am a father. I am a professional computer geek. I am apparently a Perl guru, but I don't believe it. I am an amateur carpenter/plumber/electrician/landscaper: I can build almost anything, though it usually takes me longer than I expect.

I am a liberal, and yet I am also a conservative. I reject the idea that free trade is fair trade. I further reject the idea that unfair trade, freely transacted or forced, is either ethical, moral or just.

I am a man of faith, though my faith is often challenged, of late. I am a man of science. I am both enthralled by our converging technologies and resulting converging cultures and communities, and also fearful of the potential for loss of individuality, loss of privacy...

...loss of self.
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